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Prices are from £10 for 1 dog for an hour slot (50 mins play and 10 mins to vacate) and £1 for each additional dog.

Dog Walker at the Park
Dog Walker
Dog Close Up
Taking the dog for a walk
Tug of War
Two Dogs


  • All bookings are processed through our online booking service and payment taken through Stripe only

  • On your first booking, please select 'introductory visi't for the number of dogs you would like to bring

  • By booking a session you have automatically agreed to our terms and conditions, so please make sure you read this section.

  • Once you have made a booking you will receive a conformation email confirming the booking you have made.

  • 3 hours before your session is due to start you will be sent a reminder email which will include the lock code for the gate. The field is unmanned and you are require to lock yourself in the field and lock the field on departure.

  • You must keep dogs on leads at all times outside the secure area as the car park is not secure.

  • Your booking is for 50 minutes on the field and 10 minutes to secure your dogs back in the car and leave before the next person arrives.

  • All dogs must be kept in vehicles until the previous customer has vacated

  • Please report any issues to the contact in the reminder email if required. 

  • There is no water on site, so please bring some with you.

  • You Must pick up after your dog and dispose in the bins provided.

  • No more than 2 cars can be in the car park at any time or parked on the road.

  • Spot checks will be done to make sure people are abiding to all terms including number of dogs on the field. Anybody not following these terms will be asked to leave and not able to re-book.

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