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Secure Paws Derby is a large purpose- built secure dog field. The field can be hired for either a single dog or a small group. The area is roughly 2 acres fenced with 6ft deer fencing round the perimeter.

Being the owners of a reactive dog when on a lead we know the importance of being able to exercise your dog risk free. We also have a home boarding business so watching dogs that have never been off lead before can now enjoy the freedom of a secure field.

The secure field is also important for dogs with behavioural issues, as these cannot responsibly be let off lead in public places and as a result are restricted to lead walks. So now they can safely run around risk free.

 We are committed to focus on the needs of individual owners and their own dog's specific requirements. Hence our policy, that the field should be guaranteed to be private and exclusive for your use.

The purpose of Secure Paws Derby is, providing a safe, secure, stress free space that you and your canine friends can enjoy together.    

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